Caesar, Washington and … Kelly?

When Caesar led his legions into Gaul, he needed only to point his finger before his men built a 1,200-foot bridge across the Rhine, complete with guard towers and all. And when George Washington rescued Boston from British troops, 60 tons of armament were dragged across 300 miles of winter mountains and rivers to be sneakily placed atop Dorchester Heights. And when Braden and Liz Price chose a remote cabin for their wedding venue, Kelly Christensen turned their big vision into reality overnight.

If you’d seen it beforehand, you would have thought there was no way the location would work for a dream wedding. While it is a darling little cabin, it’s in the middle of nowhere (past Morgan), there’s no power or cell service, and it’s hard to access. We’re not talking about a small wedding, either; the setup covered several acres of land.

Value of Experience

SLC cateringThink about how much packing you’d have to do just to take your family camping there! It wasn’t even my wedding, and I’m already feeling stressed about figuring out how to get the tables, chairs, and a hundred other things out there. So many things could go wrong!

Most of us don’t have experience with this scale of logistical operation, and that’s why you don’t want your wedding day to be your first attempt at figuring it out — it’s why you hire guys like Kelly Christensen.

Liz and Braden’s wedding was not Kelly’s first rodeo. Kelly and Caley Christensen cofounded Caley’s Catering & Events 25 years ago. Catering is simply where their full-service, one-stop shop begins; they can and will take great care of nearly any aspect of your wedding (or other big event) so that you can focus on the fun parts like decorations, or simply just sit back and enjoy the big day. Seriously, they’ve got it.

We’ve Got Golf Carts, People!

Kelly’s little legion brought an entire venue to a blank slate in the middle of nowhere. The team expertly handled everything from food, tables, and chairs to lights, sound, and decorations. They even brought golf carts to help folks move across the large site in their nice clothes. I wouldn’t have even thought to ask about golf carts!

Caley’s Catering took what might have been a chaotic, stressful nightmare and turned it into a fairy tale. Braden and Liz got the wedding they envisioned, and family and guests enjoyed the event because Caley’s staff took care of nearly everything.

5-Star Customer Service

best catererAfter they were named a finalist in our Best Catering category last year, we hired Caley’s Catering and Events for our Best of SLC banquets. But even the best sometimes encounter obstacles that are outside of their control. While the Price wedding went off without a hitch, Caley’s had trouble getting the liquor license for our banquet in time, no thanks to COVID.

“But wait,” you say. “I was there and remember that the booze was flowing just fine!” That’s because Kelly wanted all of you to have a great time and gave it away for free (you can’t sell it without a license, but you can give it away!). If that isn’t a reflection of Caley’s culture, I don’t know what is.

Things don’t always go perfectly. When the unexpected happens, you can always count on Kelly and Caley to see you through it. And if you’re looking for incredible food service and nearly anything else for your big event, look no further than the logistical geniuses of Caley’s Catering and Events.