It’s More Than Just a Car; It’s Your Car

We all customize our appearance and clothing. And even if your home’s exterior happens to appear identical to those around it, it’s a reflection of your family on the inside. If you take a moment to consider everything around you at this very moment, how much of it is personalized to some degree?

To keep it fair, I’ll go first: I have a high-speed customized computer with fancy lights, cables, and liquid cooling. The desk I’m working on is a Frankenstein assembly of features I added, some functional, some aesthetic. Wall decor, devices, cell phone cases, computer backgrounds, color schemes, backpacks, and furniture — all began as default products that I made mine with modifications that improved function or appealed to my liking.

Customization makes us feel unique in a sea of sameness. We are not all the same, and we don’t have the exact same needs, preferences, or desires. When people think of you, you are unique.

Why should your car be any different?

America has long had a love affair with the automobile. And as with virtually every other product in our lives, modern consumers look for the ability to customize their ride. That’s what Auto Trim Design of Utah, the 2021 Best of SLC winner for “Best Auto Customization,” has been doing since they opened in 1976.

auto customizationOwner Curtis Nielson explained the ongoing trend in aftermarket vehicle upgrades: “More people are choosing to enhance the everyday car” with the benefits and features that make it better for them.

Ways to Enhance the Everyday Car
Custom Leather Interiors — Leather is a game changer. It’s easy to clean, and custom leather makes you feel like a total badass in your car. The more refined auto driver can even add seat coolers or heaters to enhance comfort.

Paint Protection — ClearMask is a durable, clear film that is self-healing and very resilient against rock chips and scratches. You may not be able to see the ClearMask, but you know it’s protecting your ride.

Window Tint — Window tinting is one of the most popular aftermarket add-ons for cars, as it not only keeps people from seeing inside your vehicle but also protects passengers from harmful UV rays and heat.
“Every Job Is Different”
Curtis explained that when you work in custom auto, it’s fun because “every job is different.” He loves the way people react when they leave with their new custom upgrades. It gives him a reason to keep improving; it’s his purpose when he starts the day.

To many, a car is not just four wheels and an engine. If you can park it and walk away without turning to look back at it one more time, then your car hasn’t been to Auto Trim Design of Utah.