A Force for Good … and Good Smiles

While running the Best of SLC each year, we’re fortunate enough to speak with hundreds of businesspeople and analyze thousands of businesses. It’s uncanny how often our proprietary formula for picking winners is validated by the exceptional and amazing people winning the awards. It’s no accident — they are the “best” for a reason!

If there are two things we consistently see with Best of SLC finalists, it’s charity and innovation.

Giving Back in a BIG Way

Dr. David Stubbs is no exception, because he has never forgotten those who have had a rough go in life. For example, his dental practice donates the proceeds of new-patient exams to a deserving local organization or individual every month, for causes like medical bills, food, scholarships, or the cost of a life flight that saves someone’s life.

All-on-4® Innovation

Stubbs DentalMy late grandfather wore dentures for 20 years before he passed. I still recall him chasing me around the house with his dentures sticking halfway out when I was a young boy. His teeth, or lack thereof, were something he was ashamed of. Eating was more challenging, sure, but what he struggled with most was the loss of his music.

Grandpa Glenn and my grandmother led the family band for decades (my mom was the drummer). With dentures, it was much harder to sing; the happiest man I ever knew didn’t like to show his teeth when he smiled because he was embarrassed.

Those who are fortunate enough to have great teeth don’t often realize how life-changing dentistry can be. The All-on-4® is a procedure offered by Stubbs Dental and designed to replace your upper or lower set of teeth. As a great alternative to dentures, you don’t need to replace each lost tooth individually. Your entire set of teeth is anchored with only four implants, in just one day with one surgery and a fast recovery. This procedure is a game-changer and not one that a lot of practices are capable of offering.

Ryan Van Seters

[2021 $45,000 New Smile Giveaway Winner: Ryan “Dutch” Van Seters A man of many hats, Dutch has served as an EMT, frontline health care worker, nondenominational pastor, counselor, educator, veteran, devoted friend, and father.]

Dr. Stubbs often gets patients who were told by another dentist that they weren’t a good candidate for the All-on-4® — but they’ve been able to help a great many of those patients restore their smiles anyway.

While my grandfather passed before having a chance with All-on-4®, I know that if he could have had it, it would have added a lot of value to the rest of his life.
Charity + Innovation = Awesomeness

Since 2018, Stubbs Dental has given away $315,000 of free All-on-4® procedures to patients who had great need and couldn’t pay for treatment. The goodwill is proving contagious, as well! Wanting to get involved, others have taken up sponsorships to cover the material costs. So how about it? Want to help change someone’s life?