Bet on a Penny, Hit a Jackpot

I love small, unassuming, locally owned restaurants. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding a great unknown place. When you first find one, you’re rolling the dice when you go in and order, but after one heavenly bite, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

What’s great about “hidden gem” restaurants is that they represent a meritocracy of the food world. It’s not ad spending, lavish decorations, or neon lights that draw people in. What matters most is simply how good the food is.

Penny Ann’s Cafe was one of those unknown local gems. It was like a big secret that was (almost) too good to share. They have very competitive prices; it’s almost like you’re losing money if you don’t eat there. Their service is fast and flawless. And, of course, their food is incredible.

But in the internet age, it’s hard to keep a place this good a secret. I see you all out there, leaving a zillion five-star reviews and telling everybody!

Well, if it’s out, it’s out. And if you’re on a strict meal plan, maybe don’t go looking at the images in their Google profile. Mmmmm … hot cakes.

Home of the Heavenly Hot Cakes

Best of SLCWhen you walk into Penny Ann’s Cafe, it’s like going into their home, or perhaps your grandma’s house. Penny Ann herself and her sister Cindy can be seen caring for or chatting with customers, many of whom are regulars. Penny’s brother Warren is the executive chef, and brother Paul is handling daily operations. You’ll find many nieces and nephews helping prepare food, cook, and bus tables.

When their first cafe opened here in 2011, it was an instant hit. The little restaurant was churning out breakfast and lunch home runs, one after the other! How do they make all that great food in that little kitchen, and so fast too? I don’t know for sure, but I haven’t ruled out that Warren is a wizard.

Demand for Penny Ann’s cooking has led to a second restaurant in the area, then a third, and now, drumroll please, franchising opportunities! The family has taken great care to ensure that the quality always remains, that the atmosphere is warm and inviting, and that their famous hot cakes stay heavenly.

I said it; the secret is out! Families everywhere can look forward to the day they can operate their own Penny Ann’s Cafe, heavenly hot cakes and all, as the business is prepared for expansion with franchising.

Whether you’re hungry for hot cakes or a profitable business, you’re not gambling when you put all your chips in on Penny Ann’s Cafe.