Brace Yourself for the Best

What is the best compliment you can give to an orthodontist? Since I help run the Best of SLC, you might be expecting me to say it’s winning the award for Best Orthodontist, but you’d be wrong. 

“I can pick your smiles out of a crowd,” said one local mom to Dr. Scott Vincent. Of the large group of kids she was supervising, six have had braces — and she correctly identified the four that had orthodontic treatment from the Vincent Team, just as her kids had. Vincent smiles are perfectly straight. They’re wide grins, showing a lot of teeth, and look natural with the shape of the patient’s face.

best orthodontistTruly the Best

Could they possibly be that good? Vincent Team Orthodontics has won their Best of SLC category three years in a row (which is the second-best compliment you can give an orthodontist), along with a host of other awards.

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve done marketing and content development for hundreds of businesses, the lion’s share of which have been in the dental industry. I know when they are saying the right things to promote themselves and when concepts like community service are truly principles they live by and encourage in others. 

More Than Straight Teeth

Scott Vincent is a man who begins each morning by asking himself, “What can I do today to be better?” That philosophy applies to his family, his career, and his community. It also led to him starting his own practice in Salt Lake City in 2005.

Dr. Vincent strives to be more than just an orthodontist. He constantly evolves as technology and research provide new tools to improve patient outcomes. He has transformed the perception of a dental office being boring and uncomfortable; this practice is a place that kids like to visit.

The Damon Difference

We all know that braces aren’t everyone’s most favorite thing, and that’s why the Vincent team makes the process as easy as possible. They use Damon self-ligating braces, eliminating the need for rubber bands, metal ties, expanders, and headgear. Since they don’t use ties, these braces are more discreet. Even better, they don’t need to be tightened, they require fewer visits for adjustments, and they reduce treatment time. They even make it easier to keep teeth clean and healthy during treatment!

Worldwide Smiles

Vincent Team Orthodontics’ exceptional care explains why patients travel from as far away as Puerto Rico, Japan, and Indonesia to see them. Incredible patient outcomes explain why the smiles Vincent helped create can be picked out of a crowd. The team’s belief in being better every day is why they’ve earned the compliment of being SLC’s Best Orthodontist three years in a row.