Hair Dressing, Not Hair Guessing

As much as they loved him, when their own son asked to join the teaching staff at COLLECTIV Hair Dressing Academy upon finishing his hairdresser training, Kenny and Lenore Gibson turned him down!

They insisted he obtain plenty of experience as an elite hairdresser before he could have the opportunity to teach at the school the husband-and-wife team founded.

This is one of the reasons you’ll feel an air of legitimacy when you step inside COLLECTIVE Hairdressing Academy. They are the real deal. The students are eager and driven; the instructors are confident and experienced. No nepotism here!

The TONI&GUY Years

When the world-famous salon TONI&GUY (headquartered in London) was opening their first location outside of Europe in Dallas, Kenny and Lenore joined the team that led the way.

During their years with TONI&GUY, the Gibsons helped them grow from a couple of salons to 80 in North America. They also became partners and started the company’s first franchise hairdressing academy.

All the while, they trained and retrained expert hairdressers around the globe.

Calling Salt Lake City Home

After their initial success, the Gibsons ventured out on their own to create another opportunity. They founded COLLECTIV Hairdressing Academy, Salt Lake’s premier cosmetology and barbering school.

While they are the new kids on the block, the Gibsons are as expert and experienced as they come. The academy itself is very modern, with custom-made equipment and workstations. They understand that hairdressing and teaching hairdressing are two different skills, and their instructors must be masters of both — no exceptions.

I have never spoken to business owners as passionate about their work as they are. Even after doing it all, they are still excited about doing it all again with COLLECTIV Hairdressing Academy.