The Ballots for Best of SLC™ Voting Are In!

Salt Lake, you did it! Just moments before this published, polls for 2019 Best of SLC™ voting were closed. It looks like this contest was a huge success!

We were positively stunned by the great response from our community. Well over 100,000 votes were cast by local residents over the last month for their favorite businesses and attractions in SLC.

What Happens Now?

We want the Best of SLC™ to be as fair as possible, so our team is working hard to calculate the results and verify the findings. The Best of SLC™ uses a scoring system that relies on a combination of votes, online ratings, and online reviews from sites like Google and Yelp.

Votes + 5-star Reviews + Review Rating = Final Score

SLC voting

Our mathematicians are hard at work determining the winners!

Counting Votes (← we are here)

Technology makes counting easy, but we are working hard to verify the results. Other contests allow for vote spamming, daily voting, or just make fraudulent votes a cakewalk. For optimal results, the Best of SLC™ only counts unique votes for each category and uses both software and keen minds to protect the integrity of our contest.

Counting Reviews

As much as we would like to pat ourselves on the back for collecting over 100,000 votes, we realize the community has been showing their support the SLC’s best by leaving reviews all year long, so we’re going to count those too! Every published 5-star review on sites like Google and Yelp within the last 12 months will count towards the final score of each business.

Calculating Ratings

Overall ratings on review platforms give customers an idea of how a nominee has been doing long-term, at a glance. The mean rating for each nominee is used in conjunction with 5-star reviews to determine a review rating, which is then added to the overall score.

Best of SLC™ Finalists – Coming Soon!

The top 3 of each category will be publicly announced next week once we’ve verified the results of voting. Finalists will also be notified by letter and email as soon as possible.

We’re grateful to everyone for the support and participation in Best of SLC™ voting. It’s been a lot of fun, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s contest!