SLC: When Only the Best Will Do


While we admit that we have a bit of an obsession about discovering the best, we don’t think it’s something to be ashamed about.

Residents in the Salt Lake County area responded to the Best of SLC announcement by submitting thousands of nominations for their favorite businesses and attractions in the area. Our team has been busy vetting the submissions and notifying those that were nominated (watch your mail!).

If your team made it to the voting round, make sure you claim your nomination. The big reveal will be on March 11, the first day of voting for the 2019 contest.

If you’re like us, then you know just how hard it is to wait to find out who’s the best in SLC. To help battle our impatience, here’s a list we put together that demonstrates why SLC is the best community in the U.S.

Big on Business

Forbes has ranked Utah the #1 state in business six out of the last 10 years. WalletHub and MSN Money think we’re at the top of the pile as well.

Top in Transportation

Leading the way in travel and transportation is the SLC International Airport, which is consistently rated as one of the best airports in the country for on-time flights and traveler satisfaction.

Healthy and Fit

Salt Lake City ranks #1 for life expectancy, and it might have something to do with how hard we play. National Geographic thinks SLC is the best city for hiking in America, while PlanetWare is quick to point out that we have the greatest snow on earth. A health-conscious community surrounded by a great natural environment makes SLC one of the fittest cities in the country and a great place for active families.

Great Place to Live

Our community shows that you can have your gluten-free cake and eat it too. The SLC metropolitan area is the least-stressful big city in the country. With one of the friendliest populations and an impressive downtown, SLC is the foundation of what makes Utah the best state to live in.